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Moose Maid
Buckridge Chainsaw Carving
Terry McKendree
DeKalb Junction, New York
the Mermaid
Carvings by Chaffee
Bob Chaffee
Wellsville, New York
the Fair"
Rockhead Creations
Roxanne Locy
Canton, New York
Art 'N Wood
Photo Not Available

(Monique is quite shy.)
Susan Rioff
Lexington, Massachusetts

is the reigning spokes-model for the
St. Lawrence river Rustic Show
and the inspiration for the Mermaid Challenge.

The 2008 Mermaid Challenge received six entrants aspiring
to become recognized for their aqueous attributes and
available for any generous advertising contracts.

The Winner, crowned by the majority of votes cast by
visitors to the 2008 Show, was:

"Moose Maid"
by Terry McKendree
Buckridge Chainsaw Carving
DeKalb Junction, NY

Congratulations Terry!
In recognition of your achievement, you receive a free
space at the 2009 St. Lawrence River Rustic Show!
Hart Studio
Duffy Hart
Norwich, New York